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Welcome potential artist!
     We are a co-op filled with a variety of art. We are excited that you wish to join us. We do not accept artists that directly compete with another of our artists. We could have several painters, but each one has its own style. If you offer a medium unique to our gallery and wish to complete our jury process, please print and fill out a copy of our contract and bring it in. 
     When bringing ar to be juried, please fulfill the following requirements:
1)   The contract must be filled out completely.
2)   The jury sheet must be filled out completely (Available at the gallery).
3)   All art must be ready to display and priced.
4)   Hanging art must have picture wire.
5)   Matted prints must have plastic sleeves on them.
6)   Bring in 5-10 items to be juried.
7)   Different mediums require separate jury fees.
8)   There is a $10 non-refundable jury fee.
We do our best to jury your art as quickly as possible, but many of our members don't live in town, so be please patient.
Finally, we are not responsible for any damage incurred to artwork at Coyote Creek.
I look forward to seeing your artwork!
Patty Pugliese
General Manager
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