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Acrylic Painting

Elaine Gosnell


My art ability was nurtured by my mother who was a watercolor and pencil artist.  I have received awards in oil painting and in china painting but in 2008 I gave up painting due to rheumatoid arthritis crippling my hands.  While browsing the internet in 2018 I saw an artist using the fluid acrylic techniques and realized I could do the same.  I learned fluid acrylic painting from watching youtube videos.

            Fluid acrylic painting is the art of manipulating paint by means other than a paint brush.  I use various items such as sponges, straws, balloons, cotton balls, icing knives, large palette knives, putty knives, wedges, salt/pepper containers, hair dryers, airbrush, string, chains, chopsticks, etc.  Most fluid acrylic artists do not embellish their paintings, but I find it challenging to do so.  I love color and in some of my paintings, I pour 3-4 flip cups of paint on a single painting in order to obtain the background that I’m visioning.  Once the background is poured and dried I can then use the edges of gift cards and straws to “paint” trees, or use cotton balls or blow through straws to soften the sky, or an icing knife to “paint” snow in the foreground, or isopropyl alcohol to create fractuals (limbs) on trees.  It is a challenge to find the right item that I can control in order to create the painting I am visualizing.

            I hope you enjoy my paintings.

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